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Computational Thinking Across the Curriculum in Every Grade is a Course

Computational Thinking Across the Curriculum in Every Grade

Time limit: 90 days
8 credits

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Full course description

This course is designed so that concepts learned, and resources introduced, can be applied the next day in any school setting. This course is self-paced so participants can set their own schedule!

It is designed to fit the needs of busy educators; one can stop and start this course anytime during the 90 day enrollment period.

You should expect to spend a total of 8 hours working through the course content and earn 8 PGP’s. Once you have completed all course modules you will receive your certificate of completion.

This PD was developed at the Region 8 ESC through funding from the Schwab Foundation in Fort Wayne Indiana.

Learning Intentions for this course are:

  • Discover a thinking process that can be applied across the curriculum providing a process for authentic understanding of standards. 
  • Understand that Computational Thinking (CT), is a cognitive process, important not just in high stakes testing, but also for success in that world after school.
  • Understand that Computational Thinking is a process that looks at the way a computer thinks… or at least runs a program.
  • Realize that CT is most important concept a student learns through coding and designing computer programs and that CT goes beyond learning computer programing code, it emphasizes the overall thinking process as essential.
  • Discover how to support Computational Thinking in every subject area and grade level, and how it supports those deeper learning metacognitive skills.
  • Develop awareness of how to support this important metacognition in school and see how it connects with important career skills.
  • Explore a multitude of free resources that support Computational Thinking across the curriculum.