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graphic with title of course - Creativity Based Learning Full Course from Curiosita

Creativity-Based Learning: Introduction & Person

Time limit: 365 days
45 credits

$100 Enroll

Full course description

CBL is a four-course series designed to free your students’ creativity with evidence-based, classroom-tested mindsetstoolsets, and skillsets you can integrate into your existing curriculum. Exactly what you’ve been looking for to improve students’ rigorous thinking and levels of authentic productivity in Future-Ready, Project-Based, Problem-Based, Inquiry-Based, or STEM programs. The Series equips you to better fuel students’ curiosity and confidence in their own ideas, and prepares them to become engaged, autonomous learners. It provides opportunities to interact with other educators as you mull over the concepts and strategies presented. Sharing your thoughts, concerns, and questions as you engage with your colleagues will lead to energizing conversations and discussions.


MINDSETS - attitudes: open-mindedness, risk-taking, perseverance, etc.

TOOLSETS - tools/strategies: processes and graphic organizers

SKILLSETS - abilities: fluency, flexibility, originality, and elaboration


The result? Upon completing this series you’ll come away with a deep commitment to support the development of students’ creativity and a strong rationale for repositioning creativity as an essential learning goal. You’ll create a new learning culture where students go from bored to absorbed and cautious to creative. The courses are designed to be developmentally scaffolded for teachers and students! Take them in sequential order to maximize your understandings and outcomes.

Course #1: CBL Introduction & Person

This course delves into a deeper understanding of creativity, explores creative behaviors, and introduces the Instructional Elements of Creativity. Get a “sneak peek” at the Curiosita Creativity Fan Framework!