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STEM Integration In Every Subject

KINLshort: STEM Integration in Every Subject

Time limit: 90 days
6 credits

$5 Enroll

Full course description

Embark on an Educational Odyssey: Integrating STEM in Every Subject. This trailblazing course emboldens educators to embark on a journey of infusing Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math holistically into diverse disciplines. Uncover the alchemy of cross-curricular innovation, where Math makes music, Science paints narratives, and Technology sculpts art. Through immersive workshops, collaborative projects, and dynamic teaching methodologies, empower students with real-world skills and ignite a passion for learning. Join us to revolutionize education, fostering inquisitive minds ready to conquer the challenges of tomorrow's world while cultivating a profound appreciation for the interconnected tapestry of all subjects.

Join us on a journey through these captivating waypoints:

  1. STEM Fusion with Standards: Delve into the magical convergence of STEM thinking with subject standards, where equations dance through literature and molecules tell stories in history. Uncover the secret passages that transform learning standards into thrilling adventures.

  2. Indiana's Integrated Approach: Enter the realm of the Indiana Plan, a treasure trove of strategies that seamlessly weave STEM into every corner of education. Unearth the wonderful information and concepts containing the wisdom of master educators and crack the code of holistic integration.

  3. PBL, Design Thinking, Diversity: Venture into the heart of innovation as you explore Project-Based Learning's immersive quests, Design Thinking's alchemical problem-solving, and the kaleidoscope of diversity enriching STEM. Uncover the hidden treasures of student inquiry and see how they light the path to holistic understanding.

  4. Cultivating STEM Career Skills: Ascend the tower of career readiness, where STEM skills are the keys to unlocking doors in ever-evolving professional landscapes. Gather the tools to empower your learners to craft their destinies with confidence.

  5. Crafting Your STEM Blueprint: Navigate a treasure map of resources to uncover gems that embellish your teaching toolkit. Then, armed with inspiration, forge your unique STEM integration plan, ensuring that every student's educational voyage is an odyssey of excellence.

It is time to travel this transformative journey where education transcends boundaries. As you journey through STEM-infused landscapes, you'll witness subjects harmonizing, creativity sparking, and students evolving into fearless problem solvers. Join us in reshaping education, where each classroom becomes a nexus of innovation. So, let's not just teach subjects but craft futures, as we celebrate the beauty of interconnected knowledge and ignite the torch for generations to come. Your odyssey awaits!

  1. I can define STEM and how its can integrate in any subject.
  2. I can understand how my standards can promote STEM Thinking.
  3. I can explore and become familiar with the Indiana Plan for STEM Integration.
  4. I can explore and plan using the STEM Indiana Integration Standards in my content and level. 
  5. I can see the connection of pedagogies such as PBL, Design Thinking, and Inquiry to STEM.
  6. I can discuss ethical considerations related to STEM and Inclusion and Diversity.
  7. I can incorporate STEM and related pedagogies in my area to enhance my teaching practices.
  8. I can understand how STEM supports skills listed in Indiana Career Skills.
  9. I can utilize different resources to assess, and encourage students to assess STEM Career Skills.
  10. I can create a short STEM Action Plan to begin incorporating STEM Thinking in my classroom.