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Student Owned Inquiry: Quick, Easy and Effective with QFT (Question Formulation Technique)

Time limit: 90 days
5 credits

Full course description

This course is designed so that concepts learned, and resources introduced, can be applied the next day in any school setting. This course is self-paced so participants can set their own schedule!

It is designed to fit the needs of busy educators; one can stop and start this course anytime during the 90 day enrollment period. You should expect to spend a total of 8 hours working through the course content and earn 8 PGP’s.

Once you have completed all course modules you will receive your certificate of completion. This PD was developed at the Region 8 ESC through funding from the Schwab Foundation in Fort Wayne Indiana.

Learning Intentions for this course are:

  • Discover how to make student owned questions come alive in the classroom.
  • Explore how the ability to inquire  is the key to student engagement, excitement, authentic learning, and ownership. It allows the standards of any subject to come alive, have meaning, and provide connections between the subjects, and of course, out to the real world.
  • Learn about  Question Formulation Technique (QFT) and how it was developed to help educators facilitate student owned inquiry buy putting learning in the students’ hands.
  • Explore ways that QFT provides a key to deeper learning and allows students to reach the height of Bloom’s Taxonomy while promoting important portraits of a graduate including communication, creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking.
  • Discover how inquiry using QFT is essential element to help students before a lab, in the middle of a math problem, in the midst of research, analyzing the fine arts, in the study of history, creating a project in PBL, or solving a current or future problem.
  • Journey through a free gold mine of  resources to add to the process.
  • Understand how a question maybe more important than the answer.
  • Create a QFT activity for the classroom.