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Choice Boards: Developing Student Owned Learning

Time limit: 90 days
8 credits

$5 Enroll

Full course description

This course is designed so that concepts learned, and resources introduced, can be applied the next day in any school setting.

This course is self-paced so participants can set their own schedule! It is designed to fit the needs of busy educators; one can stop and start this course anytime during the 90 day enrollment period. You should expect to spend a total of 8 hours working through the course content and earn 8 PGP’s. Once you have completed all course modules you will receive your certificate of completion.

This PD was developed at the Region 8 ESC through funding from the Schwab Foundation in Fort Wayne Indiana.

Learning Intentions for this course are:

  • Promote students owning their learning using the simple, versatile, and transformative strategy of Choice Boards.
  • Discover diverse types of Choice Boards and how can they help develop student owned learning.
  • Reflect on why student owned learning is important and explore how strategies like Choice boards can help transform the classroom to promote student agency.
  • Find effective use of Choice Boards, both analog and digital, in the classrooms to help students own their learning.
  • Explore a wide variety of resources and free templates to help educators get started on their journey towards transforming their classroom to a student-centered environment.
  • Empower students by allowing them to decide and have ownership of a learning style with learning mastery of content standards being the goal.