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EduProtocols: Teach Better - Work Less - Achieve More

Time limit: 90 days
6 credits

$5 Enroll

Full course description

“The Holy Grail of education is to find a way to teach more effectively, increase student learning, empower kids to connect and collaborate, make school fun, and yet not have to sacrifice our health and wellness to do it. Teach Better, Work Less, Achieve More” (Dave Burgess). 


In this course we will investigate, unpack, and prepare for use, multiple EduProtocols, instructional lesson frames designed to engage students in learning through critical thinking, collaboration, communication, and creativity. EduProtocols can be used with any subject, any grade level. They are adaptive, can be used with your content and are rich in the Four C’s. 


Included in this course you will find six (6) modules that contain two (2) EduProtocols each. Each module will have an overview, content pages for each EduProtocol and some text, video and templates. Each module will also contain additional resources should you like to pursue more information on your own.

Module 1: Frayer Model & Cyber Sandwich (1 hour)

Module 2: Iron Chef & Fast and Curious (1 hour)

Module 3: 8*pARTS of Speech & Thin Slides (1 hour)

Module 4: Sketch and Tell & Math Reps (1 hour)

Module 5: Emoji Power Paragraph & Speed Geeking Math Chats (1 hour)

Module 6: Bookakucha & 3-Act Math (1 hour)